Monday, February 15, 2010

Role of SaaS in Manufacturing domain...

The increase in demand to move the business to a Software-as-a-Service model by the clients , is the basis to interact with customers and data in real-time, and to respond quickly to competitive opportunities or threats.

Software as a Service coordinates between the customers and data and focus towards the variations caused due to changes in market conditions and multiple information streams. Required capabilities in IT can be obtained in a fast and easy way with Software as a Service – in short- SaaS.

A one stop solution can be obtained for all in order to deal with specific business processes in manufacturing enterprises. In such scenarios, manufacturers depend on the existence of the SaaS vendors where an option can be dealt with custom software development.

Here raises another concept in reduction of the price of the custom development where in the end product is developed as such it is flexible to adapt changes in accordance to business demands . Implementing SaaS solves these stop gaps.

Software as a Service enables operations and inventory staff and high end managers to work as per their availability and time, from home or work place with quick access to tools like Enterprise resource planning system, Customer relationship Management systems and others as per the need.

This flexibility of the SaaS systems benefits the manufacturing enterprises as its work environment and staff is not constant at desk alone. Over the other end it results in a quick progress at work , enables fast tracking and helps to improvise the manufacturing processes in an effective and efficient way.