Monday, February 15, 2010

Role of SaaS in Manufacturing domain...

The increase in demand to move the business to a Software-as-a-Service model by the clients , is the basis to interact with customers and data in real-time, and to respond quickly to competitive opportunities or threats.

Software as a Service coordinates between the customers and data and focus towards the variations caused due to changes in market conditions and multiple information streams. Required capabilities in IT can be obtained in a fast and easy way with Software as a Service – in short- SaaS.

A one stop solution can be obtained for all in order to deal with specific business processes in manufacturing enterprises. In such scenarios, manufacturers depend on the existence of the SaaS vendors where an option can be dealt with custom software development.

Here raises another concept in reduction of the price of the custom development where in the end product is developed as such it is flexible to adapt changes in accordance to business demands . Implementing SaaS solves these stop gaps.

Software as a Service enables operations and inventory staff and high end managers to work as per their availability and time, from home or work place with quick access to tools like Enterprise resource planning system, Customer relationship Management systems and others as per the need.

This flexibility of the SaaS systems benefits the manufacturing enterprises as its work environment and staff is not constant at desk alone. Over the other end it results in a quick progress at work , enables fast tracking and helps to improvise the manufacturing processes in an effective and efficient way.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MaxisIT Manufacturing Service Offerings

MaxisIT Services for the Manufacturing domain commoly include:

Material Management Services
Mobile Application Services
Network Management Services
Product Life cycle Management Services
Warehouse Management Services
Warranty Services
Enterprise Application Integration

Material Management Services

MaxisIT Material Management Services helps clients to be in compliance at any point of time with the rapidly increasing number of regulations related to material handling and disposal. MaxisIT ensures a system comprising of a centralized, application and database which is web enabled in such a way to facilitate the system to capture data from clients suppliers and shares it to the client organization in the form of standardized data which enables the client timely material management.

Mobile Application Services

MaxisIT Mobile Applications Services enables the suppliers, vendors, clients, employees of a client’s organization to easily access and exchange information among them which helps a lot in terms of better coordinated effort, reduce operation costs and improve quality of supply and reduce the product manufacturing life cycle time.

Network Management Services

MaxisIT network management service delivers a complete comprehensive, high-quality driven service that enables reduce complexity and lowers risk to clients organization. MaxisIT possess expertise that can help clients succeed by providing network management services and systems that are comprehensive and efficient.

Product Lifecycle Management Services

MaxisIT Product Lifecycle Management Service enables customers the ability they need to win on the market opportunities and achieve significant results. MaxisIT by offering a comprehensive range of product lifecycle management services – ranging from consulting services to business process improvements services ensures managing complex IT engineering applications. MaxisIT services in this area ensures in the significant reduction of the product life cycle time and procedures to improve the go to market time.

Warehouse Management Services

MaxisIT warehouse management services ensure to improve the speed of the clients’ warehouse operations specially this point is very much significant in the manufacturing arena and there by helping clients realize this significance early MaxisIT ensures clients gain the greatest possible business value out of their logistics program. MaxisIT warehouse management services leverage mainly the warehouse optimization concept.

Warranty Services

MaxisIT ensures that warranty services provide a reliable and secure, web-based service for comprehensive, full-time warranty claims that needs to be managed. MaxisIT warranty services helps in claims management and processing, warranty cycle, spare parts order management, services efficiency reporting and stock management necessary to cater the warranty requirements.

Enterprise Application Implementation

MaxisIT Enterprise Application Implementation Services leverages you to maximize returns from your investments with services that implement, configure, testing and upgrade enterprise applications suitable to your requirements. All organizations today realize the enterprise applications are mandatory for them; MaxisIT has experts, expertise, and experience and do it easily for your organization.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Artificial Intelligence

It is learnt that the manufacturing industry is becoming highly competitive, manufacturers are looking to implement highly developed and reliable intelligent technology to improve productivity. Artificial intelligence, or AI, can be applied to a variety of systems in manufacturing. It can recognize various patterns, easily performs time consuming and mentally challenging or near impossible tasks for humans.

In manufacturing, it is often understood as the area of constraint based heavy production scheduling and closed loop processing as a part of repetitive production. AI software uses high end genetic algorithms to logically arrange accurate production schedules for the best possible result taking into account a number of constraints possible, which are pre-defined. These rule-based programs cycle evaluate through thousands of probabilities, until the most succesful schedule is reachedat which best meets all criteria at all times when the constraints are taken into account.

Another growing concept for AI in a manufacturing environment is controlled process, or closed loop processing. In this concept, the software uses logical genetic algorithms which analyze the best succesful past production runs came closest to meeting a manufacturer's goals for the future runs. The software then calculates accurately the best process settings for the current job, and either automatically adjusts production settings or presents a machine setting recipe to staff which they can use to create the best possible run.

This allows for the execution of progressively more efficient runs by leveraging information collected from past production runs. These recent advances in constraint modeling, scheduling logic, and usability have allowed manufacturers to reap cost savings, reduce inventory and increase bottom line profits. MaxisIT believes AI will be the software that would define the future of IT Services to the Manufacturing Industry
MaxisIT, Inc

Thursday, April 9, 2009

MaxisIT Manufacturing Services

MaxisIT has the excellent domain experts having great expertise in various areas of the manufacturing arena. Having a highly functional team of experts in manufacturing domain allows MaxisIT to serve customers in this domain with ease and also has the capability to understand the complexities of any requirements in this industry domain
MaxisIT has experience and expertise to serve the following segments with in the Manufacturing industry arena:

Defense and Aerospace Manufacturing

MaxisIT with its expertise can assist defense and aerospace organizations in fast reduction of their product manufacturing life cycle spending and project initiation costs, improve by a large extent on the go to market time, allows focusing on new concepts, market differentiators and hence collaborate to beat the competition.


MaxisIT has a proven track record of working with few best global automotive organizations, assisting them in finding comprehensive and innovative options to reduce costs, reduce time to market. MaxisIT possess expertise that can help clients succeed by providing solutions and systems that are comprehensive and efficient.

High Tech
MaxisIT shows many high-tech manufacturing companies how to turn globalization into a competitive edge, there by expanding your manufacturing footprint globally, optimizing operational costs, improve collaborations to have a global foot print.

Industrial Manufacturing

By leveraging on MaxisIT global expertise and experience of industrial manufacturing domain, industrial manufacturers can reduce costs and speed up growth. MaxisIT can help clients realize the transformation in their operations and hence improvises the new opportunities for the clients