Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Artificial Intelligence

It is learnt that the manufacturing industry is becoming highly competitive, manufacturers are looking to implement highly developed and reliable intelligent technology to improve productivity. Artificial intelligence, or AI, can be applied to a variety of systems in manufacturing. It can recognize various patterns, easily performs time consuming and mentally challenging or near impossible tasks for humans.

In manufacturing, it is often understood as the area of constraint based heavy production scheduling and closed loop processing as a part of repetitive production. AI software uses high end genetic algorithms to logically arrange accurate production schedules for the best possible result taking into account a number of constraints possible, which are pre-defined. These rule-based programs cycle evaluate through thousands of probabilities, until the most succesful schedule is reachedat which best meets all criteria at all times when the constraints are taken into account.

Another growing concept for AI in a manufacturing environment is controlled process, or closed loop processing. In this concept, the software uses logical genetic algorithms which analyze the best succesful past production runs came closest to meeting a manufacturer's goals for the future runs. The software then calculates accurately the best process settings for the current job, and either automatically adjusts production settings or presents a machine setting recipe to staff which they can use to create the best possible run.

This allows for the execution of progressively more efficient runs by leveraging information collected from past production runs. These recent advances in constraint modeling, scheduling logic, and usability have allowed manufacturers to reap cost savings, reduce inventory and increase bottom line profits. MaxisIT believes AI will be the software that would define the future of IT Services to the Manufacturing Industry
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